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Date of Birth

26th November 1970


Brief CV

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I am working as Assistant Professor in mechanical engineering education department of National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research (earlier known as Technical Teachers’ Training Institute), Bhopal. I have first class Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by first class Master’s Degree in Industrial Design and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. At present I am doing PhD in the area of mechanical engineering.

I have professional experience of more than 13 years, in NITTTR, Bhopal.I have an experience of coordinating, designing and organizing short term and long term programmes & workshops.   The area of my expertise are teacher training, preparation of learning materials, laboratory management, education technology, Laboratory innovation, skill training, assessment of laboratory, workshop and project work, content updating courses like computer numerical control, AutoCAD, CAD-CAM, mechatronics, manufacturing technology, curriculum development and management development. I have imparted training to polytechnic and Engineering college teachers, laboratory/ workshop instructors and industry professionals.

A part from academic expertise i have varied experience in handling administrative and managerial responsibilities.

Current Position


Associate Professor



Mechanical Engineering Education Department

Phone No.


0755-2661600, Ext. 356

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E-mail Address


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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B.E (Mechanical), MBA (Production and Marketing), M.Tech (Industrial Design), pursuing PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Interest Areas



Mechatronics, AutoCAD, CNC, Instructional material development, laboratory management, management, multimedia

Research Interest

In the area of Mechanical Engineering education, Management and Education Technology

Books and LRs











v     Training Packages for Industry 

    • Competency based training project on operation and maintenance of lubrication systems and prepared

*   Trainers guide

*   Trainers text book

*   Student work book

*   OHP transparencies

*   Colors slides


    • Competency based training project on heavy earth moving equipments operation prepared

*     Trainers guide

*     Trainers text book

*     Student work book

*     OHP transparencies

*     Colors slides


    • Design screen’s and script for the development of Computer based training package on operation and maintenance of lubrication systems   (CBT)

v     Theme paper

    • Successful sales person
    • Motivation for laboratory work
    • Maintenance of laboratory equipment
    • Safe practices in laboratory

v     Modules

·      Follow appropriate practices and procedures for

            proper maintenance of laboratory resources

·      Cost control and cost reduction

·      Team building

·      Inventory control

·      AutoCAD 2000

·      Workbook on AutoCAD 2000 with solution

·       Handout on basic AutoCAD commands 2000

v     Laboratory manuals

    • Workshop practices
    • Mechatronics

v     Curriculum

    • Developed curriculum of diploma programme in Mechanical Engineering for Nagaland
    • Developed Curriculum of diploma programme in automobile engineering for Arunachal pradesh
    • Prepared a curriculum on furniture making and Upholstery
    • Prepare curriculum on mechatronics for Mtech ed
    • Document on equipments and reference books for diploma programme in mechanical engineering and automobile engineering for state of Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh under III technical education project.

·        Compendium of laboratory experiences in mechanical engineering

    • Vocational trade-bicycle repairing and vulcanizing
    • Vocational trade on   Diesel pump mechanic

·        Vocational trade on Auto mechanic two wheeler

v     Develop question bank for Telco – 5 modules

Staff development policy as a team member

Non print material


Power Points

·        Essentials of laboratory safety  - English and Hindi

·        Financial management

·        Introduction to mechatronics

·        Managerial skills of supervisors

·        Follow appropriate practice and procedure for proper maintenance of laboratory resources

·        Motivation for laboratory work,

·        Introduction to refrigeration and air conditioning systems

·        Handling and usage of refrigerants

·        Sensors and actuators

·        Visibility influence matrix

·        Imagination quotient

·        Nyks structure

·        Inventory control

·        Team building 

·        Importance of workshop

·        Automation in industries

·        Introduction to PLC

·        History of manufacturing

·        Unconventional manufacturing process

·        Magnetic conveyor belt shot peening machine

   ISO certification

·        Developed routine maintenance procedures for water coolers and air conditioners.

·        Developed formats for maintenance of Air conditioners and water coolers.

Research Papers





v     “Up gradation of Excellence with Industry Institute Cooperation”,,Vandana Somkuwar International conference ICTE, 8th –10th January 1998 MACT Bhopal

v     “Distance education through internet, software and hardware”, Vandana Somkuwar and Darpan shrivastava 27th annual convention of Indian council of technical education (ICTE) International conference on ‘On technical education and strategies in global perspective’ Maulana Azad college of Technology Bhopal     8th –10th Jan 1998.

v     “Computer application in medical research”,               Dr. A.K. Somkuwar and Vandana Somkuwar, VIth National Conference on Biomechanics, organized by department of Math & MCA, Maulana Azad college of Technology Bhopal, on 14th- 16th January1998,

v     “Satellite communication for 21st century”,                 Dr. A.K. Somkuwar and Vandana Somkuwar National Conference on INFOCOMTECH- 2000 23rd –24th march 1998 J.N.Vayas university jodhpur.

v     “Computer communication for research in medical engineering”, Dr. A.K. Somkuwar and Vandana Somkuwar National conference INFOCOMTECH- 2000 23rd –24th march 1998 J.N.Vayas university jodhpur

v     “Optical signal degradation–eye pattern technique for measuring the loss in optical fiber” Dr. A.K. Somkuwar   and Vandana Somkuwar“ National conference INFOCOMTECH- 2000 23rd –24th march 1998 J.N.Vayas university jodhpur.

v     “Relevance based curriculum” M.S.Hora and Vandana Somkuwar, Fifth world conference in engineering education 4th east west congress on engineering education 6th-11th September 1998, CRACOW POLAND  

v     “Condition based monitoring systems in industries”, Vandana Somkuwar, National conference on thermal power plant operation and maintenance strategies 24th – 25th Feb. MACT Bhopal.

v     “Effectiveness of imparting instruction through video programme and teachers in performing laboratory experiment  “A Case”, K.K.Jain,  and  Vandana Somkuwar, 7th non destructive evaluation topical conference organized by ASME San Antonio, TX    USA 23-25th April 2001

v     “Magnetic conveyor belt shot peening machine”, Vandana Somkuwar and Ajit Dixit, International conference on shot peening and blast cleaning (ICSPBC2) MACT Bhopal 17-19 September 2001, p-275-280,


v     “Overview of the GSM systems”, Dr.A.K.Somkuwar and Vandana Somkuwar, zonal seminar on recent trends in mobile communication 5-6 sep 2003 MANIT Bhopal,

v     “Applications of neural networks in renewable energy    systems”, Renewable Energy Asia – 2008, Vandana Somkuwar, H. K. Khaira and A. K. Somkuwar, An International Conference and 4th SEE Forum Meeting, 11-13December,2008 New Delhi

v     “Development of an neural network technique for material selection”, Vandana Somkuwar, H. K. Khaira and A. K. Somkuwar ,International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering December 15-17, 2008 S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat – 395 007, Gujarat, India

v     “Monitoring Of Material Selection Using Computer Based Technique Vandana Somkuwar, H. K. Khaira and A. K. Somkuwar, proceeding of all india seminar on life cycle measurement and condition monitoring, 2-3 May 2009. organised by Institution of Engineers Bhopal Chapter and MANIT, Bhopal

v     “Optimum Material Selection Using Back Propagation Neural Network Technique” Vandana Somkuwar, H. K. Khaira and A. K. Somkuwar, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'09) July 13-16, 2009, USA


Projects (Title and Role)










Contributed as team member


v     Design and development of competency based training packages on Operation and maintenance of lubrication systems. CMA-HRD project of cement industry.


v     Design and development of competency based training packages on Heavy earth moving equipment for CMA-HRD project of cement industry.


v     National Vocational Educational Qualification and Certification Project 


v     Competency based training programme for TATA engineering dealers supervisors training programme  (Telco project) involved from scratch ie from need identification stage, identifications of competencies and development of modules and imparting training.


v     Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghatan(NYKS) project


v     Laboratory management project


v     Occupational skill up gradation project for instructors of balaju technical training center Nepal

v     Curriculum review and revision of Diploma   Programme under Tech Ed. III project for North East States

v     Conducted a programme on “Maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning system “for North East participants under Tech Ed.III project

v     WD-DANIDA –CMA-HRD project for cement industries involved in TOT programes conducted for trainers of cement industries.

v     Laboratory project – Effective utilization of laboratory equipment maharastra state


v     Laboratory manual development project –goa state           


v     Question bank project


v     Continuing education project for in service working professionals of TATA engineering dealers supervisors on AutoCAD 2000 and CNC.


v     Forest project  -Maharastra & Madhya pradesh state forest development project.


v     Management development project for senior managers and executives of automobile dealers


v     Welding technology project

v     DCA project- involved in purchase of mechatranics software under the scheme of thrust areas in technical education.

v     Laboratory project for Aurangabad Engg college


v     Rajeev Gandhi national drinking water mission project

v     Community project

Research Studies




v     Need Identification and Development of competencies required by TATA engineering dealers supervisors to work efficiently at TATA dealer’s point.


v     Doing PHD work in the area of Mechanical Engg from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology


Teacher training

/Industry professionals


Coordinated / contributed, designed and organized more than 75 short courses, workshops and long term programmes for polytechnic teachers, Engineering college teachers, workshop instructors and industry professionals in the following areas which made use of different teaching –learning methods, media and strategies-

  • Laboratory innovation
  • Operation and maintenance of laboratory equipments
  • Laboratory management
  • Education technology
  • Teaching methods
  • Induction courses for new teachers
  • Training of trainers
  • Skill training
  • Content updating courses
  • NC/CNC machine tool
  • Assessment of laboratory, workshop and project work
  • Mechatronics
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Management


International collaboration


v     Conducted “Occupational skill Upgrading training programme” for instructors of Balaju Technical Training Centre, Balaju, Nepal, in “Advance Design, Tool and Die Making” under Nepal Project.


v     Induction training programme phase 1 Nepal

Administrative and managerial responsibilities


v     In charge AC maintenance section

v     Assistant warden chandrakant hostel

v     Assistant warden P.G hostel

v     Worked as Member of academic council

v     Member of Rajbhasha Sammitee

v     Member of staff development committee

v     In charge mechanical laboratory

v     In charge mechatronics laboratory

v     Worked as a member of departmental promotion for B C & D Group and contingency staff

v     Member of selection committee for security assistants, mechanic, artists. Junior steno

v     Member of selection committee for contract appointment of project associates and field officers

v     Member of Selection Committee for English and Hindi typist Member of selection and promotion committee of Regional Institute of Education.

v     Departmental purchase committee

v     Coordinated Hindi work in the department

v     Conducted competition for promotion of Hindi in the institute

v      Member of Inter NITTTR sports committee

v     Contributed as a judge for evaluation of children projects presentations during fifth national children’s science congress

v      Secretary of faculty tea club